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Town of Silt
Beautiful Yard Contest 

Pick the yard you like the best, below.  Winner will be announced at the Board of Trustee meeting on July 22.  

Please fill out your choice for best yard by address.


1410 Ballard Avenue
"It has taken hard work and dedication over two decades to get my yard where it is today. Planting trees, sowing grass seed, hand watering, hauling rocks and dirt and never-ending weeding. Being persistent and consistent has paid off as you can see from the before and after photos. I find it interesting, colorful and unique from all of the items that we have collected during our travels within the state."

311 N. 7th Street
"Why is my yard the best? Because it helps make our town be the Simple Irresistible Little Town that it is!"

1225 Stoney Ridge Drive
"Mike and I try to make our house attractive and inviting. Mike put in a water feature a few years ago which adds a lot of beauty to our front yard. Often, when people walk by our house, they comment on the yard and the water feature." 

102 South Golden Drive
"Because we take care of it."

1232 Bedrock Circle
"It's like a painter's canvas, and an explosion of color in Jne and July.  I do not use any chemicals, and much of my garden was grown from seed.  I have fruit trees, an herb and vegetable bed, a berry patch, and lots of flowers. So much work, but very rewarding!"

1315 Standing Deer Drive
"It gives my girls a great place to play."

260 N. 11th Street
"I'm nominating Suzette's yard because she hasn't been in there very long but she has already made it a STANDOUT yard! So pleasant to drive by every day and see the beautiful colors and cozy porch.  Great job, Suzette!"

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