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2019 Park, Recreation, Culture Master Plan Effort
Optimized Process

Providing Inventories, Capacities, Conditions, and Potential Improvements of: 

Parks, Open Space, Greenbelts, Trails, and Recreational Facilities, including Buildings

Flexible Utilization
   Plants, Animals & Water

Providing Maintenance Plans for Parks, to include:

Weedy species eradication,
endemic and cultured plant and animal species preservation,
drainage identification,
irrigation practices,
future landscaping/revegetation for parks, open spaces and wildlife preserves

Flexible Utilization
Obtaining Broad Public Opinions and Preferences

Utilizing online surveys, Town Hall Open Houses, interactive website contact forms, and public meetings before the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Board of Trustees, the Town will systematically record opinions and preferences for the Town's Parks, Recreation, and Culture.

Optimized Process

Arts, recreation, and special events ("Culture") as an economic development tool that can attract new business, an educational tool to foster creativity and collaboration, an enhancement tool for civic engagement, and a preservation tool for heritage and character of a community.  Current residents, business owners, educational facilities, nonprofit entities, visitors, and government agencies all come together with arts, recreation, and special events.

      Fees and Budgeting

Researching the best way to implement user fees and impact fees, while using grants, general fund, and volunteer efforts to enhance the Town's Parks, Recreation, and Culture! As well, this plan will create a capital improvement plan to guide Town officials in future planning, grant writing, and budgeting. 

Smooth Transition

Looking to the future - this effort will help to identify areas of park expansion, the installation of new and/or different facilities, and the possibility for an integrated multi-modal network for travel between spaces.  Further, the Park, Recreation, and Culture Master Plan will advise as to incompatible uses, conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians, and poorly functioning areas.