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Board of Trustees

Town of Silt
Board of Trustees
Mission Statement

Enhance the quality of life for citizens of the Silt region by providing public facilities and services in a safe, well-planned, and sustainable community.


Board of Trustees
Form of Government

The Town of Silt was incorporated May 19, 1915 as a Statutory Town.  Initially, the Town was established as a Board of Trustees (Board) / Mayor form of government.  The Board later determined a Board / Administrator form of government would be more appropriate.  With the adoption of Ordinance 119-1977, the office of Town Administrator was created.

The Board is the policy-making legislative body of the Town.  It consists of one Mayor and six Board members elected at large, each for a four-year term.  Expiration of terms are staggered and elections for Board members are held every two years. After each biennial election, the Board elects from among themselves a Mayor Pro Tem, who serves in that capacity for two years. 

The Board takes action by enactment of ordinances, resolutions and formal motions, which provide direction for the Town Staff to follow.  The Board appoints a Town Administrator and a Town Attorney.  To accomplish the Board's directives, the Town Administrator ensures that each department carries out the policies and goals of the Board.

The Town of Silt citizens voted to become Home Rule in the November 2006 election. The Home Rule Charter became effective January 1, 2007.
Click here to read the Home Rule Charter.

Board of Trustee Members                                                 

Keith Richel, Mayor    

 Term Expires: November 2027 -

Derek Hanrahan, Mayor Pro-Tem  

  Term Expires: November 2025 -

Jerry Seifert, Trustee

   Term Expires: November 2027 -

Chris Classen, Trustee

            Term Expires: November 2027 -

Samuel Flores, Trustee

           Term Expires: November 2025 - 

Justin Brintnall, Trustee

           Term Expires:  November 2025 - 

Andreia Poston, Trustee

Term Expires:  November 2025 - 

The Mayor presides at all Board meetings.  The Mayor Pro-Tem presides in the absence or disability of the Mayor.