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Town Center/Town Chamber Rates

Town Center

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The Town of Silt offers its Town Center (600 Home Avenue) and the Town Board Chambers (231 N. 7th Street) to the public for meetings, parties, memorials and other such uses. The following guidelines and prices apply as of January 1, 2021:

RENTAL POLICY:  Reservations only accepted up to 30 days prior to event.  NO YEARLY SCHEDULING ALLOWED.

CAPACITY: The Town Center has a capacity of 103 people and the Board Chambers has a capacity 50 people.

RENTAL: The Town Center and/or Board Chambers shall each be considered reserved when the applicant has paid the established deposit rate. No reservations shall be "penciled in".

DEPOSITS: The cleaning / damage deposit required is $100.00 for non-profits, and $200.00 for all other events. After inspection for cleanliness, damage, and the return of the keys, a refund of the deposit may occur.  If a check is returned for insufficient funds, a returned check fee will be billed and the check will be sent for collection, and your privilege to rent a Town of Silt Rental Building will be denied. 

PAYMENT POLICY: Full payment, in the form of a separate check or cash, is due at the same time as the reservation.  Any check returned as insufficient funds will be assessed a fee and the check will be sent for collection, and your deposit will be forfeited, and any Town of Silt Rental Building will no longer be available for you to rent.

CANCELATION:  A 48-hour notification is required if you cancel your event.  Failure to notify the Town will result in your deposit forfeiture.

ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO: Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are NOT allowed in either the Board Chambers or the Town Center (or in the adjacent park or area).  Please smoke more than fifteen (15) feet from the entrance of building.

ANIMALS:  No animals of any kind shall be allowed in any Town of Silt Rental Building, except for service dogs, unless  you have obtained written consent of the Town prior to rental.

CLEANLINESS:  The applicant shall clean the premises immediately following the use of any Town of Silt Rental Building.  Applicant will supply all cleaning supplies, including vacuums and mops; the ONLY supplies provided by the Town of Silt are paper towels, toilet paper, and toilet brushes.  The applicant shall remove any signs or decorations, return all furnishings and equipment to their original locations, and see that all windows are closed and doors are locked.

KEY:  The Town shall provide the applicant with a key to the Town of Silt Rental Building 24 hours prior to the scheduled reservation, or otherwise insure access to the building.  Applicant may not access the building until the time and date of reservation.  Key duplication is prohibited.  All keys shall immediately be returned to the Town at termination of the rental period and before the deposit is refunded.  Please notify the Town immediately if a key is lost or stolen.  The Town of Silt reserves the right to collect for any damages and/or loss/theft of keys.

SECURITY:  The Silt Police Department may conduct random security checks at events held at any Town of Silt Rental Building. The officers will be checking to ensure that all rules and procedures are being observed, including adherence to building capacity, and that there is no possession of alcohol or tobacco in the building or exterior areas.  Any violations of these rules may result in a citation from the Silt Police Department with a potential fine of up to $1,000 per violation.